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Entry #2

IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1

2008-07-19 11:46:00 by sayaka-mizaki

If you guys havent seen it yet... GO CHECK IT OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! my good buddy just put it up on Newgrounds and already is spamming the front page with his magical flash skills!!!! its top noch quality, you cant even tell that it was done in the span of 3-4 weeks :D i also had the honor of doing a small voice part in it as well XD (i did the creepy little girl with the pinkish red cape thing)

and be sure to check out his other stuff too >:0 especialy on his DA account which can be found here


also, i just wanted the chance to whore him out xD *runs off before she gets flamed*

/senceless pugging

see ya :D


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2008-07-19 11:49:58

do you have a holic account?

sayaka-mizaki responds:

lol i used to.... until i stopped playing xD;;


2008-08-20 12:22:00

Nice job